A Course in Goddesses

These classes are now available online via Zoom! Live and interactive!
Working with archetypes intrinsic to our inner nature, we tap into deep wisdom which can help us and guide us in our lives today, combating fear, anxiety, depression, and enabling creativity, inspiration and healing.
A Course in GoddessesWhen I was a teenager I was astounded to discover that there were once many Goddess-centred cultures around the world of which I knew nothing! It became my life mission to uncover this lost information.

Goddesses have been revered all over the world for many thousands of years. Much information about Goddess-centred cultures has been suppressed or distorted during centuries of worldwide patriarchal rule. Learning about and connecting with the Goddess artheypes gives access to a wealth of knowledge and widsom, bringing empowerment personally, socially, politically and spiritually.

Each month we work with a different goddess, using shamanic journeying (pathworking), ceremony, creativity, introspection and the power of a circle of fellow seekers!
Goddess Isis
I have been running this Course for 8 years in Devon, and now offer these classes online so you can access them from anywhere in the world! Join me for a wild and wonderful journey into primal wisdom, knowledge and power! Discover natural gifts you never knew you had! 🙂
Monday evenings 7.30-9pm BST
Monday 12 OCTOBER 2020.
BAUBO (Greek) and UZUME (Japanese) – because their myths are almost identical – it is all about THE WISDOM OF HUMOUR.

You will find out how HUMOUR saved the world! And still does! The healing benefits of laughter, and more.
There is some preparation for this class.

Open to all genders. £15 per evening, payable by BACS or PayPal (contact me for details).
Bursaries available for low income and frontline workers. ♥

This Course changes lives! It offers deep insights, helpful plans of action, empowering activities and strong connections to oneself, others and all of life.

See Testimonials page for quotes from previous participants.

Booking essential. Email jackiejuno@dakinione.plus.com
Goddess Ishtar

4 Responses to A Course in Goddesses

  1. Dave Orton says:

    Hi Jackie

    My name is Dave Orton – Producer of a series called ‘Ray Rose Investigates’ for south west online TV channel sw1tv.

    The first programme we produced was looking at UFOs over the south west to try and understand what the phenomenon is about. Available to view now.

    Our second programme is looking at beliefs outside of what we know as the traditional
    religions, and I wondered if we could interview you about your Goddess beliefs and if possible
    see you at work?

    We are looking across the south west to include as many viewpoints as possible.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Dave 07906 551117 contact@sw1tv.com

  2. Julie says:

    I would love to do this , my Pilates class finished at 7:45 hrs on Thursday , could I come to the class 15 minutes late? Is it at St David’s community centre? X

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