About me

I am a writer, painter, performer, singer, radio presenter, comedian and celebrant. I also run workshops in Devon and beyond, including writing and creative workshops and A Course in Goddesses.

I guide people on shamanic journeys and meditations in groups and on a one-to-one basis.

I have 35 years experience of reading the tarot. I work with many different packs, including the Greenwood Tarot, The Goddess Oracle, Sacred Path cards and the Arthurian Tarot.

I have been working as a celebrant for over 20 years, conducting handfastings, funerals and baby blessing ceremonies. I work closely with you to create the most meaningful ceremony for the occasion.

I have been leading workshops for many years and love bringing groups together to learn about, connect with and share wisdom of the Goddess archetypes which are within us all. The workshops are informative, sensitive, and profound – yet practical, enjoyable and fun. But don’t just take my word for it – read the testimonials from previous participants!

I also run creative writing workshops for both novice and experienced writers.

Contact me for me information about any of the above, I am more than happy to discuss your requirements and come to an arrangement that suits you.


01626 835802

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17 Responses to About me

  1. leslea Dines says:

    Love to know more, leslea

  2. Caspar Walsh says:

    Hey Jackie – Caspar here šŸ™‚ Can’t seem to find contact details for you. Could you give me a bell when you have a minute? Nothing urgent. Big hug. Caspar 01364 631 088. 07771 561 447

  3. Caspar Walsh says:

    Hey Jackie

    Apologies for late notice but could we make our appointment 11:30 tomorrow rather than 10am? Can do earlier if not possible to change. Looking forward to seeing you. Caspar x

  4. Max says:

    Hi Jackie,

    hey, yo, wow.
    Great .
    sitarmax at yahoo dot com

    youtube channel :sitarmax

  5. Kim Brown says:

    Hi I’m in Australia writing a book of fiction mixed with reality & have been researching witch persecution & have been trying to find out if the Bideford ‘witches’ were ever pardoned. I read about the petition but can’t find the outcome on the internet & was hoping you might know. During my writing the name IvyBridge popped into my head so I wrote it in my book notes & when I looked it up,months later, I discovered it is near Devon & have been researching the history of witches & witch trials in the area. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you,
    Thanks for your time,

    • jackiejuno says:

      Hi Kim
      they haven’t been pardoned yet. best of luck with your research! I live about 20 miles from Ivybridge and 30 miles from Bideford… x

      • Kim Brown says:

        What a shame they haven’t yet been pardoned, & What a ‘coincidence’ that you live so close to IvyBridge, I didn’t even know it was a real place untill I decided to google it.. Looks like I’m being guided on the right path! As I said for my book I want to create a world of fantasy mixed with facts. I’m so glad I googled IvyBridge so I can now create a real existence for those that suffered by the hand of ignorance & hate! Is there a strong Wicca presence in that area? It would be great to show that the craft has survived & is thriving! One more question, is there a Vine Street in IvyBridge as that name also popped into my head? I couldn’t find it on the internet. Because I live in Australia I can’t go there to experience the area for myself so have to rely on the internet & my books for info. IvyBridge is not the central location in my book but events that happened there in 16/1700’s have a lingering affect in the present .
        Thankyou kindly for your time & help.

  6. jackiejuno says:

    I wouldn’t say there is a strong Wicca presence in Ivybridge per se, but generally the westcountry is very strong with the old ways of witchcraft still (Wicca is a modern religion and one to which I do not subscribe, having been invented by Gerald Gardner who himself was an unsavoury character to put it mildly). I do not know of a Vine St in Ivybridge; it is a small town on the edge of Dartmoor. Best of luck!

  7. Kim Brown says:

    I just want to Thankyou for enlightening me to the difference between Wicca & Witchcraft. I have a book that mentions Gerald Gardner (I hadn’t read that part yet,but now I have) & thanks to you I now understand that the 2 are not one in the same & that Wicca is very new, especially when compared to Traditional Witchcraft, which has always been. I saw your name when I was doing some research so I am very glad I contacted you because it’s important for me to know that Wicca is not Witchcraft & I will make that clear in my book!
    Thankyou so much for your guidance,

  8. jackiejuno says:

    You’re welcome Kim. x

  9. Kim Brown says:

    Hi Jackie, I’m reading the encyclopaedia of Paganism & Magic by Michael Jordan & it says The Book of Shadows is a modern handbook of Alexandrian & Gardnerian Wicca, so does that mean that Traditional Witches do not use a Book of Shadows? I apologise if I’m asking questions that are not meant to be shared, I’m just trying to learn as much as I can. I have huge respect for your Craft(I hope that is the correct term) & am enjoying learning more about it.
    Many Thanks again for your time,

  10. Kim Brown says:

    Oops I’ve just read that The Craft is also a Wicca term. I’m beginning to feel like a child learning to walk for the first time;)

  11. jackiejuno says:

    As far as I know, witches have always had their own books of spells, journals of magical workings, rituals etc but perhaps the title Book of Shadows was coined by Gardner. I don’t know about The Craft being a Wicca term… hmmm… news to me! <);-)

  12. Kim Brown says:

    According to the encyclopaedia of paganism & magic that I’m reading, when I looked up ‘The Craft’ it said ‘see Wicca’ I’ve been trying all day to find out where the term originated & the closest I can find is a website that said ‘In ancient times witchcraft was known as The Craft of The Wise’ so it’s possible it’s been shortened over time to The Craft..but I’ll keep looking. Also according to the book I’m reading it says ‘Wicca is the old English term for witch, first appearing in the ninth century when it was applied to identify a sorcerer. During the sixteenth & seventeenth century it was associated with anyone practising diabolism’. Looks like I’ve got A lot more reading to do šŸ˜‰

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