When I was a teenager I was astounded to discover that there were once many Goddess-centred cultures around the world of which I knew nothing! Thousands and thousands of years of culture which had been suppressed or passed off as ‘primitive’ – I was shocked, outraged, and excited, keen to know more. This was the beginning of  a detective mission to unearth this hidden information and reclaim my birthright, my power, my inspiration.

I had always thought of myself as a witch without really knowing what it was all about; other people also labelled me as a witch (I have the classic archetypal witch appearance!) and since childhood I have had lots of psychic experiences. I started reading the tarot aged 14 and had many dreams which later came true, including being given addresses in my dreams of places I had never been, but in later years would find myself there.

I moved from the city to the country, which helped me connect with this beautiful planet, and I met two older women who acted as guides in this new terrain. I lived more and more simply until I was living in a tipi or bender, for several years. This gave me a wealth of experience of the natural world and constant deep connection to the earth.

I have been involved in many women’s groups for the past 35 years and highly value the sisterhood that brings.

I have been married for 24 years and have a daughter born in 2002.

I place great importance on following my heart and my art; my creative life is absolutely vital  to me, be it writing, painting, singing, ritual, performance. All these aspects of my life I feel are put to good use as a workshop facilitator and celebrant, and I love meeting new people and sharing with groups.



4 Responses to Background

  1. Hi Jackie
    I saw you last night at Apples & Snakes at Sea Change and thought you were totally fab! On a very wet walk with the dog this morning all the while scoffing blackberries, I resolved to contact you to say firstly a big thank you. Secondly, I thought how great it might be to involve you somehow in Arts Lab, a project I am taking places as part of the ’emerging arts strategy’ at Dartington. I have lots of visuals, but words – I love ’em – would be so good woven together with it all. (Not that you would need it, necessarily, but) there would be loads more publicity, kudos, etc. for you on my, new Arts Lab and Dartington websites. Have a look at my website blog and see what you think. It would be great to hear back from you. All very best, Sara

    • jackiejuno says:

      Hi Sara
      thanks so much, the project looks great… I am really pushed for time though, not sure how it could work for me. If you could suggest something concrete I could say yes or no to it may be more possible 🙂

  2. Lucy says:

    Hi Jackie, I work for a media company called Vice & would really love to speak to you. Thank you

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