I am lead singer with THE INVISIBLE OPERA COMPANY OF TIBET (psychedelic deep space rock band, a Gong satellite band – see/read/hear us at and

SKYDANCER (with Andy Shankara Bole, Brian Abbott, Julian Veasey and guest musicians, also at This is our first studio album.d8257d_54323ebbe8ba4d3cb92354e9510a8077~mv2

HERETIX (with Brian Abbott). Our album is called Temple of the Moon Goddess and includes a pull-out poster (below) featuring artworks accompanying each track.

Heretix sheet 1

Here is a review of the album by Cheryl Straffon in Goddess Alive! magazine: “Heretix are Brian Abbott & Jackie Juno, and together they have produced a haunting and powerful album in honour of nine aspects of the Moon Goddess. Birthed out of a process
involving meditation, research and painting at nine different moons, the album focusses deeply on different Goddess aspects. Jackie sings the vocals, and together they play guitars, Tibetan bells, butterfly cocoon rattles, keyboard and stones & bones, which blend successfully to produce a compelling and original sound. There are 9 tracks, each featuring a different Goddess: Lilith, a gentle opening track of primal womb energy; Dakini, a wild furious track of uninhibited energy; Athena, an ethereal spoken track full of the flight of birds and the realm of air; Hecate, another spoken track, this time a disquieting one of the Queen of the Dead and Mother of the Witches; Maia, a melodic mysterious song of a Greek & Roman Goddess of the night sky and full moon; Coatlicue, a spoken otherworldly mystical track of the Goddess of life and death; Kali, an explosive and insistent rhythm of death and sexuality; Yemaya, with its catchy beat and lively celebration of the African Mother Goddess; and Ishtar , a peaceful short final track that draws the album to its cyclical close. This is not an album for singing along to, but one for listening carefully to – an album that transports the listener to other realms, and to the essence of the Goddess herself.”

I have a solo album called OSMOSIS; songs, monologues and quirky pieces based on 20 years’ of dream diaries. I have a multi-media show of the same name which has visual projections and backing to live main vocal, movement and general weirdness. 🙂

The poster below is for a gig which has been and gone but I like it so have kept it here..;-)

Long Room IOCOT