I have been on a LOCKDOWN WORLD TOUR of my house and garden, posting onto YouTube a video poem from a different area of my home every single day of May!

The first one can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTehsKGYIEc and you can subscribe to get all the videos; they are also available on my Lockdown World Tour facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Jackie-Junos-Lockdown-World-Tour-112683283761797/?modal=admin_todo_tour

I am also running online interactive Creative Writing classes every Wednesday – morning 10.30-12noon, then repeating the class in the evening 7.30-9pm.
Creative Writing Online

I have performed my poetry at festivals, cabarets, nightclubs, fayres, schools, churches, weddings, funerals, birthday parties and on the street!

I have won several Poetry Slams, including the official Glastonbury Festival Poetry Slam 2017, Green Gathering 2016, and Plymouth Lit Fest Oct 2017. I was a finalist in the National Poetry Slam at the Albert Hall, 2018.


Oxygenerators, my poem for trees, has gone a bit viral! (On facebook, that is, with over 18,000 views in two days) 🙂 So I have now put it up on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOd2zivGUgc

Hippy Crit performed in autumn 2019 in Totnes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Px_mSW3rs

Here is a clip of me performing at a TEDx event in Exeter. The theme was sustainability so my material addressed that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9qqR8NVbtM&t=54s

And here’s another clip from the 2015 TEDx Totnes event. The theme was ‘In Our Hands’ and I wrote a poem especially for the occasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6udc7Idsyo&t=12s

I run a monthly Poetry Open Mic in Chagford called Outspoken! on the first Wednesday of every month.Outspoken! lo res

I organise, compere and perform at HOOT! Cabarets in various venues around the southwest and at festivals.

I became Bard of Exeter in 2011 by winning the annual competition, and held the title Grand Bard of Exeter (2012-2019).

I have several poetry booklets published:
and micro-booklets Nursery Rhymes for Troubled Times, Fruity, and Vegetabley.
You can buy these via paypal, priced respectively £9; £7; £7; £5;
and micro booklets £1 each
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Paypal address is jackiejuno@yahoo.co.uk
Email jackiejuno@dakinione.plus.com to order and find out postage charges.

The Flowering cover

My new collection THE FLOWERING is getting some great reviews, from poetry critics and general public alike!
“Hi Jackie, took your poetry book to the beach with me yesterday and I just had to let you know was blown away! Loved loved loved the Frida Kahlo one, I think I feel an artwork coming on in response. And I laughed out loud at so many of the others my daughters got cross (but then I read them out loud and they understood why).Fantastic, many thanks x”
Rachel, Devon

I write poetry on commission.

I also write scripts, one-woman multi-media shows, short stories and song lyrics – I am lead singer with psychedelic/space-rock band The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet http://www.brianabbott.info/invisible-opera-company-of-tibet. and Skydancer https://www.facebook.com/skydancerdakini/

I run poetry and creative writing workshops suitable for novice and experienced writers of most genres. There are testimonials from previous participants on the ‘Testimonials’ page on this website.

If you are interested to know more please email me jackiejuno@dakinione.plus.com

One-off gigs are listed on my ‘events’ page 🙂


This poem was a finalist in the Ledbury international competition a couple of years back:

Obsidians in Moon

I keep owls in my head.

And at night when they wake

I borrow their eyes, just for a few seconds

before they wrestle, agitated,

in my skull.

Then I have to let them out or it gets really messy.

Silently they fly out, ghosts in the dark,

to prey on tiny quivering thoughts

I’ve let loose during daylight.

It’s been raining stars again.

The owls like that.

They love new stuff; it’s all an adventure to them.

Sickled claws grasp at branches, make runic

the trees I created

from hopes and dreams.

The owls skuwee to each other.

This spooks the woman who works in the opticians.

Scurrying down the lane,

she’s been moonlighting again.

Hisses escape from those sharp beaks,

beaks desperate to tear flesh.

I don’t want to go to bed. I follow them out

into the monochrome meadow

where nothing makes sense,

where blood is the common language

and mud is my ally.

Scraggy feathers are waterlogged,

we walk on a crescent blade.

He mustn’t know I’m out, he’d worry.

But I can’t go back now. I’m on a mission.

When owls call, you listen.

I just want you all to know,

if I don’t make it –

I chose this.


Here is one of the poems I performed at TEDx Totnes:


Claiming that they no longer hold any relevance for modern-day childhood,

the Oxford Junior dictionary no longer includes the following words:

Acorn Adder Ash

Beech Bluebell Buttercup

Catkin Conker Cowslip

Cygnet Dandelion Fern

Hazel Heather Heron

Ivy Kingfisher Lark

Mistletoe Nectar Newt

Otter Pasture Willow.

Replacements include

Attachment Block-graph Blog

Broadband Bullet point Celebrity

Chatroom MP3 Voicemail.

In urban slang ‘to go blackberry picking’ now means to go pick-pocketing mobile devices.

Please, next September

take your tupperware and your baskets to your nearest patch of wild

pick blackberries like we used to and bring the nearest child.

Bring back bramble scratches!

Bring back nettle stings

Bring back jeans with patches

Listen to the blackbird sing.

Find a nest of wrens

Resume the climbing of trees

Instigate the making of dens

And let there be grazed knees!