I first started to learn the Tarot in 1979, using the Swiss IJJ deck which has no pictorial clues for the minor arcana like many of the modern packs today. Nowadays I have about a dozen tarot and oracle decks which I use as my intuition tells me. My favourite decks are the Greenwood Tarot (now deleted and quite rare), The Goddess Oracle, The Glastonbury Tarot, The Motherpeace deck (circular cards), and The Sacred Path cards. Each reading is unique and can take up to two hours.

I use the Tarot as a means of delving deep into the psyche, rather than predicting the future. I do not believe the future is pre-ordained, so we work with what is, the underlying energies of current situations. Through the insights gained, I feel you are better informed to make the right choices about your life and therefore a positive outcome is more likely. Sessions are conducted with a warm friendly down-to-earth manner, a safe space is created and utter confidentiality is assured.

“Thank-you Jackie for such an accurate reading. It really was spot-on and has helped me to make an important decision, which feels really right.” Kate H, Devon.

“Thanks so much for the tarot reading Jackie – the sense of fear has gone and I feel quite excited by the future now!” Claire, Dartmoor

Group workshops – A DAY OF ORACLES working with the tarot and other visual oracles to gain insight into your life. Includes information about the history and structure of the tarot, ways to interpret the cards, responsibility of the reader, and other topics to broaden your experience of working with oracles. A relaxed, friendly and insightful day. It’s fun too!  I can bring this workshop to your home! Contact me for details.

Below is a poster giving typical info about the Tarot/Oracle Day.

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