From previous participants on my Creative Writing and Poetry workshops:

‘Fun, relaxing, inspiring, awesome. Jackie creates a safe space to explore and encourage us to delve into the creativity within and I could feel myself opening up… like a gently unfurling rose.’ Joy, Devon

‘LOVED every moment! So thrilled to have been a part of the weekend. Jackie, you have the right amount of structure, chaos, humour to provide a highly creative container for inspiration, wit and wisdom to come forth.’ Jodi, Devon

Nature workshop

‘A truly amazing life-changing experience. Thank-you so much Jackie.’ Rosemary, South Brent

‘Thank-you for making me feel welcome and for holding such a safe and creative space! It is such a treat and gift to have the opportunity to share and hear other people’s words.’ Sally, Devon

‘Inspiring workshop, inspires confidence, would be great to spend a longer day with Jackie.’ Jo Reay, Totnes

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and got so much out of it. I felt very relaxed and at ease with Jackie facilitating – she is warm and funny, and the mixture of teaching, writing, exercise time and sharing worked very well. Would love to do more!’ Helen, Totnes.

‘Jackie was fun, focused and flexible and held a lovely space. Thank-you.’ Gail, Glastonbury

Earth Altar

‘Jackie leads well because she puts you at ease – this makes it easy to join in and really get something from the workshop – it will live on in me – thank-you Jackie.’ Polly Elliott, Dartington.

From previous participants on A Course in Goddesses and my Women’s Weekends:

“Fascinating. Fabulous intimate space which enhanced the bonding of the group. Relaxed introduction to the Goddesses, loved the humour injected into all of the conversations alongside the feeling of security when deepest emotions are revealed. Thank-you Jackie.” Jo, West Devon


“Very engaging and diverse – discovering the female heritage has been profound. The way the course was facilitated was welcoming, respectful; and efficient. Well planned. It has been empowering and given me a wealth of resources to draw on – would like more!”

“Wonderfully facilitated – with compassion, love, knowledge and humour. very informative. I enjoyed the variety, ie guided journeys, art, craft, dance, sharing. It has helped me to look deeper into myself and see the Goddess within. It has allowed the Goddess to work in my life.”
Jacquie, Torbay

Cauldron greenery

“Each workshop and content was held really well and a space of safety. I can’t think of anything I haven’t enjoyed or feel I haven’t grown from.”
Janet, Brixham

“Jackie Juno’s Goddess sessions themselves were excellent and Jackie’s approach to leading the group was refreshing, she made it really good fun, made everyone laugh and managed to teach us a lot about the goddesses. Jackie also gave us meaningful experiences through pathworkings and journeys, she is particularly gifted at this. The sessions were totally unpretentious, informative and richly experiential. Jackie is also a great storyteller, poet and musician and appropriately holds the title of Grand Bard, she wove these skills into the goddess sessions making them really effective. Over the years I’ve been to many workshops like these and had varied experiences, but these were really excellent. Jackie’s are down to earth and offer really intimate encounters with Goddesses and other like minded people. I d recommend Jackie’s Goddess workshops to anyone that wants to tune into themselves and to the Goddess energies and legacies. These sessions were also based in a really convenient location and at a fraction of the price of similar groups.”
Andy, Exeter

Drum and fire

“Facilitated comprehensively, full rounded and good content/research.”

“Thank-you so much Jackie, for your gentle guidance and sensitivity. I feel especially privileged as a man to be able to participate in such an intimate, confidential and moving evening. I hope that the very different perspectives of the three of us men there could in some small way show that not all men are insensitive emotional cripples! Live long and prosper.”

“Just spot on! Relaxed, with focus. Very interesting to do various activities – creative visualisation/creative stuff/sharing/information. Many thanks.”
Elaine, Dartington

“Facilitated with great warmth and kindness. Allowed deep contemplation. Thank-you!”
Alison, Wales

“Thank-you for an excellent season of Goddess evenings. I have really enjoyed meeting you, the group and the Goddesses both familiar and unfamiliar. Thank-you for your holding and creative presence and for your depth and humour.”
Louise, Exeter

“Led very warmly, relaxed but still with profound meanings and exploration. Very engaging content of workshops.”                                                                                                        Julie, Chagford

Firelight gathering

“Empowering and caring environment for self-discovery and empowerment. Excellent. Unleashed my repressed creativity.”
Angie, Torbay

“Hi Jackie , just wanted to say thankyou for an extaordinary evening. I felt really privileged to be with such a group of clever , funny , brave , beautiful women and I was amazed by their honesty and openness. Your gentle but clear guidance always seems to take me places I never expected to be! See you next time.”
Mike, Exeter

“Really enjoyable. Honouring, encouraging. You created a safe, warm and beautiful space with us. I have found that there has been a creative awakening which I feel is directly linked to this course. The support has been amazing. Hearing other women’s stories has been a privilege. It has been empowering. Wonderful. Thank-you!!!”

Cauldron Four
Sarah, nurse, Chagford.

“Thorough, good spread of information. Wonderful choice of Goddesses. Beautiful altars, books, cards, candles, incense. Beautiful journeys. Space for all to share. It has helped me to reconnect to the deepest feminine links, easing my communication with women. Thank-you from my whole heart. More please!”
Maggi, card reader and healer.

From recipients of my Tarot Readings:

‘Thank-you dear Jackie – spot-on reading!’ Kate, Devon

‘So helpful – now I can see my path ahead clearly and know exactly what to do! Your reading helped me to tune into what is right for me, and choose my options accordingly.’ Janet, Solihull

‘A deep process to gain insight into my life situation, thank-you so much for your clarity and wisdom! My reading helped me to tap into my own clarity and wisdom, and I now feel more confident to follow what feels right.’  Carol, Wales

Hi Jackie, I wanted to say thanks again for your reading and guidance yesterday! 🙂 It’s really helped me to put things into perspective and I’m already feeling more grounded and much calmer which is great.  Sarah, Devon

From a woman who I mentor:
I had the most amazing day today…..thank you so much….I find it hard to believe what happened…I know what I felt and saw….I never in a million years thought I’d actually experience something so awesome!!! Thank you xxxxxxxx

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