Women’s Weekends

Women-only weekends facilitated by Jackie in beautiful southwest England.
SACRED DARTMOOR: A magical weekend in southern England’s last great wildnerness, at the most powerful time of year, Lunar Samhain – when the veils between the worlds are thinnest! It is a time of releasing old patterns, calling in new dreams, and honouring all aspects of life.
Dartmoor is ancient wild land with many sacred sites of our ancestors.
We will be working with our innate indigenous connection to the land, tuning in to the wild landscape, the powers of certain trees, plants and archetypes. There will be shamanic journeying, time for reflection, art, writing, sharing circles and ceremony.
Assisted by Deevette Short and Petra Tilly.
Buckland-in-the-Moor, Dartmoor, Devon.
£150 / Low income – £120 / Unwaged – £100
Refund of £20 if you bring a friend who has not been on one of my workshops before 🙂
Places limited. Booking essential. Email jackiejuno@dakinione.plus.com for details
2017-01-25 12.02.53
Haytor, Dartmoor

Glasto tor
Glastonbury Tor
My first visit to Glastonbury was when I was 19 and cycled there from London! I have lived within its aura for some years and go there frequently.

Chalice Well sacred spring

A nurturing and supportive environment enabling participants to truly connect with self, others, and earth, for insight , empowerment and healing.

cape view

Cape Cornwall, West Penwith

Testimonials from previous participants:
‘Powerful, informative, and a huge amount of fun!’
‘Jackie is warm, sensitive, and an excellent guide of both inner and outer landscapes’

For more information, bookings and enquiries:
01626 835802


5 Responses to Women’s Weekends

  1. Giulia says:

    Dear Jackie,
    I just listened to you on Radio BBC London, and I felt like saying thank you for doing what you do.
    Hope to be able to join in some day, see if I do belong.. 😉

    Warmest regards


  2. Imogen Robins says:

    Hi my witchy friend:-) Ideally would love to come on this weekend – reconnect wish the goddess and you . I’ll look st my finances . hope to see you xx

  3. Selkie Shell says:

    It has been a pleasure to be with you for so many of these wonderful weekends, I cannot reccomend them more highly, fun, creative and magickal, much love to you Sista, always xxx

  4. selkieshell says:

    I have had the absolute pleasure of attending and helpig out at the weekend workshops since they began and contributing a little bit of my own magick there too! I cannot reccomend them enough to you all. Jackie is a big hearted, beautiful friend who holds a truly wonderful and safe space, filled with awe and wonder, big love to you Sista, Selkie Shell, wytchwyse.com

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