Writing Workshops

I run various writing workshops suitable for novice and experienced writers working in most genres (poetry, prose, songwriting, script-writing, etc).

The focus is on inspiring you to write your own work during the workshop as well as giving you lots of sparks for further work in your own time.

There is also time to share your writing with the group, and get feedback if desired.

I also work one-to-one, so we can tailor the session exactly to your needs; eg editing, critiquing, brainstorming, directing.

Contact: jackiejuno@dakinione.plus.com

Example of poster for workshop:

Writing Days 2018

More workshops coming in autumn 2018 – let me know if you would like one in your area! 🙂

Some testimonials from previous participants:

“These workshops are an ideal space to develop and nurture writing skills. Jackie demonstrates that everyone can write and coaxes the creativity from every participant. The shared results are inspiring and serve to positively affirm each person’s abilities. Jackie’s sensitivity and generosity of spirit make the day a delight.”
Anne, Devon

“The Granite Lines Workshop in January was a first for me. feeling slightly nervous as a novice, and lacking in confidence I attended the venue in Yarner Woods. How much I enjoyed myself! Jackie was a wonderful teacher, She guided the group with a relaxed yet knowledgeable ease, enabling some very experienced writers and others like me, to express ourselves with great confidence and joy. I loved it!”
Andrea, Devon

“Thanks for the workshop I really enjoyed the experience. I loved meeting the other people on the course and found it so interesting how everyone put their own personal spin on their writing. Thanks again Jackie. I love the way you inspire and share your creativity.”
Deb, Devon

“Thank you, I was surprised that in such a short time I was able to write an actual poem with your guidance and the inspiration of a beautiful place.
It was wonderful to hear all the others too.”
Sue, Devon

“The workshop was excellent, well-organised and wonderfully presented. The content of the workshop was thought-provoking, evocative, inspirational and fun! Thank-you Jackie. You create a wonderful space to enable creativity.”
Savannah, Devon